Solidaritas weekly #48

Read, watch, listen, and eat

Good morning!

Eid Mubarak for those celebrating.

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Samah Sabawai on Palestine and the bombs of Eid:

My phone was buzzing all night on the eve of Eid. But it wasn’t receiving the annual barrage of annoying tag messages of Happy Eid, greeting cards and videos of a crescent moon with a catchy dance tune. My phone was buzzing with updates on where the bombs were falling, which buildings were erased, which relatives were hiding where. I tried to keep up through the night, as if staying awake will keep my loved ones alive. Humans are funny like that, they think they can fend off death and destruction just by staring at a screen and wishing for the horrors to end. They don’t. It doesn’t work that way.

How Myanmar’s coup is wiping out a generation.

An oral history of Tom Holland’s Lip Sync Battle performance of Umbrella.

Watch and listen
Phoebe Pua’s Good Films Only compiled a list of good films about mums, from which I now have about 70 million new things to watch.

Taika Waititi and a bunch of celebrity friends read James and the Giant Peach in a YouTube video for charity, and it’s bloody hilarious.

7am podcast looked at whether the braveness of Grace Tame speaking out against sexual violence led to a government review of the Australian of the Year program.

Eat (and drink)
I made sfouf, a kind of tea cake with turmeric, tahini and almonds, last week. It was deliciously turmeric-y and perfect with a cup of tea.

I don’t like beer but my partner does. He’s been into sours recently and I actually really liked one of them: it’s a passionfruit and earl grey sour from Aether Brewing.