Solidaritas weekly #49

Read, watch, listen, and eat

Good morning!

Currently dreaming of sitting by the ocean somewhere in the Pacific… it’s so cold in Canberra.

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Finally! More than 140 refugees held in Australia’s off-shore and on-shore detention centres will be resettled in Canada under a sponsorship scheme.

Lisa Whittington-Hill wrote a piece looking at distinct gender bias in celebrity memoirs. Where female celebrities are expected to expose all, male writers get to write about whatever they want.

A short series of photos and vignettes about people hugging their loved ones for the first time in months/years in the US after being vaccinated against COVID-19.

Watch and listen
My partner and I started watching Rutherford Falls last week and it’s a delightfully bizarre and hilarious look at 21st century identity politics in a small American town. Very much in the style of Parks and Recreation. Watch the trailer.

Food writer Alicia Kennedy talked to Public Intellectual’s Jessa Crispin about the politics of meat following right-wing rumours that US President Joe Biden was going to restrict how much red meat people could eat annually.

Yesterday was my brother’s 30th birthday, so I made him a fancy cake:

It’s called Kvæfjordkake: two layers of vanilla sponge, two layers of meringue, and a central layer of a sort of chai-tasting custard-cream mixture. It was simply devine. I used a recipe in delicious magazine (this month’s issue) but this one is very similar. There’s about 10 eggs in the whole thing!