Solidaritas weekly #50

Read, watch, listen, and eat

Good morning!

More and more of my friends in Indonesia and Australia are getting vaccinated against COVID-19, and it’s such a relief. My age group can’t access the vaccine yet in Australia, but hopefully soon. If you can get vaccinated, please do!!

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Just yesterday in Australia, the federal court ruled that the Australian government has duty to protect young people from the climate crisis. Eight teenagers and an 86-year-old nun launched the case to prevent the approval of a massive coalmine in northern New South Wales.

Giant river otters in Argentina! Thought to be extinct in the region, turns out these 1.8m-long (!!) otters may have been there all along, just munching away on fish.

Pitchfork spoke to viral punk band The Linda Lindas, who you may know from their awesome performance of their song ‘Racist, Sexist Boy’ in a library.

Watch and listen
The Mitchells vs the Machines. An animated film about a dysfunctional family who go on a cross-country road trip that gets interrupted by AI robots becoming self-aware and attempting to take over the world. Bonus fact: The head robot is voiced by Olivia Colman. Watch the trailer here.

Melbourne singer-songwriter Alex Lahey’s amazing cover of My Chemical Romance’s ‘Welcome to The Black Parade’ for Triple J’s Like a Version. (Related: I got tickets to see MCR in Sydney in March next year! It’ll have been 10 years since I last saw them, lol.)

Something I knew nothing about: Al Jazeera’s podcast The Take looked at Black-Palestinian solidarity in the US.

Shatta, aka Palestinian green chilli sauce. Gives Indonesian sambal a run for its money.

McVities have two new types of chocolate digestives available in Australia: caramel and hazelnut caramel. Both are divine and I can’t decide which I like better.