Solidaritas weekly #52

Read, watch, listen, and eat

Good morning!

A couple of you replied to my question last week and said you still enjoy these Friday missives, and no-one said they’d rather I stop (lol), so.. onwards!

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Blind South Korean activists are taking on Samsung and LG and demanding their products be made with the visually impaired in mind.

A ‘miraculous’ bacteria introduced in Yogyakarta reduced dengue infection rates by 77%. I’ve had dengue before, and it’s miserable, even fatal for some, so this discovery has a potentially massive impact.

Watch and listen
On wild boars in Yamanaka, Japan. Many residents have given up growing their own vegetables because the boars eat everything in sight. One female hunter, Sakura, is wrestling with her love for boars yet the feeling that “she has to do something about it” because there are no natural predators and they cause so much trouble for locals, like one farmer who has had his whole rice crop destroyed four times (!!). This episode of podcast Proof looks at Japan’s history of meat eating, the ‘wild boar famine’ of 1749, and how Sakura is trying to find a balance between boars and humans.

This tomato-y and incredibly savoury chana dal. Obsessed and frankly frustrated I only found this recipe last week! It’s that good.