Solidaritas weekly #51

Read, watch, listen, and eat

Good morning!

I’m debating whether to continue these short Friday posts or not. Do you like them? Please let me know if you do, or if you’d rather just get the fortnightly gender news wrap ups.

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I wrote about how AGL Energy is taking Greenpeace Australia Pacific to court over alleged copyright and trademark violations in a Greenpeace campaign.

As we suspected, COVID-19 is probably much more prevalent in Indonesia than testing statistics show. New research indicates the disease could actually be as much as 53 times more common in Bali (!!!) than officially recorded.

A treatise on black vinegar, the difference between Chinese and Taiwanese versions, and how it transforms a dish. I’m a huge fan of black vinegar, and regularly drown dumplings in a combination of black vinegar, soy sauce, and Lao Gan Ma chill sauce with black bean.

Watch and listen
ABC’s The History Listen podcast looked at the history of tea. Apparently more than 25,000 cups of tea are drunk every second around the world! I am responsible for many of them, I must admit. What was particularly good about this episode was its focus on the working class: how Indian workers in tea plantations were treated (badly) under the British empire and how English workers were convinced into drinking tea with milk and sugar for sustenance.

I made a red velvet cake for the first time; it was my partner’s birthday this week and it’s his favourite. It turned out pretty well, despite my concerns at using a cup of vegetable oil in the batter!